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Are you looking for car parking shades in Pakistan? We offer high-quality material Car Parking Shades in Pakistan and supply and installation. Our car shades are very durable for the hot weather in Pakistan and provide 100% shade to the cars, preserving the interior glow, and shine for a long time. We offer custom and standard-size car park shades, shade structures, and fabric calculations.

High-Quality PVC Car Parking Shade

PVC car parking shade is exactly what you need to protect your cars from the summer’s blazing heat, frequent dust, and water. We specialize in designing, fabricating, and installing PVC car parking shades throughout Pakistan. Unlike other PVC car parking shade suppliers and manufacturers, we provide a UV degradation warranty on PVC fabric for at least 10 years and a solid steel frame created by expert architects and structural engineers with at least 10 years of experience in PVC shades.

The Benefits Of PVC Parking Shades

  • Sturdy in high winds
  • Protects you from UV radiation
  • It is UV resistant or cold resistant
  • Keep the area cooler than the surrounding temperature.
  • Extends the lifespan of car paints and dashboards
  • Build parking area landmarks.
  • PVC with no maintenance requirements or self-cleaning properties
  • The most cost-effective and finest solution
  • Attractive
  • Roof made of 100% waterproof fabric
  • Withstand poor weather conditions

PVC car parking shade, also known as a Polyvinyl chloride fabric shade, is a type of park shade that utilizes PVC fabric as the roof material to block the intense heat from the sun and keep the area cool. Car parking shades also protect your vehicles from dust and rain, which adds value to the space and extends the life of the dashboard and paint.

Car Parking Shade

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PVC car parking shade
High-Quality PVC Car Parking Shade
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